Want Your Cat To Live A Long Life? Try These Cat Care Ideas

Most people experience some things they do not think about when they get a lot of unplanned obstacles shortly after adopting their first cat. You need to prepare when getting a pet so you are better prepared.

Be sure your cat has regular checkups at the vet.Cats need routine annual check-ups and wellness checks just like people.Cats should visit the vet right away if any issues.

Make sure your cat has a collar if outside.Cats can go far from your home and the tag they could become lost forever. The tag should have at least the pet’s name and the number for contact purposes.

It may prove quite a cat stay off counter tops. Cats naturally love heights so they can survey their surroundings. You may be able to battle this problem by designating some high-up places for your cat to hang out.

Think about having a microchip inserted in your pet. Even indoor cats may find a way out of your home. Collars or tags can identify your cat, however cats are experts at wiggling out of these, and they are also at risk of getting hung up on something. A teeny microchip can hold all of your contact information.

Cats sometimes will spend hours grooming themselves and their fur clean. Hairballs are more common for long-haired cats. There are special food on the market that can ease this issue. Some foods contain extra oils and nutrients, and that is a good idea for your cat and you too.

Be sure you think about your cat’s preferences while traveling.You may like music loud and booming, but your cat probably enjoys softer sounds. To keep your cat calm and collected over the course of your trip, turn off the music or keep the volume low.

Make a good tablecloth for your kitten. Cats will sometimes like to eat food outside of their bowl. This leaves food on the floor outside their bowl that you will have to clean later.

Be cautious when leaving a kitten with your children. A child less than five years old should not be left alone with a pet. They don’t know what harm they can potentially do to kittens. When children get a little older, they can spend alone time with the kitty.

Do not discipline your cat if they make a mess in the area outside its litter box. If this happens, it’s probably because their litter box is not properly cared for. Punishing your cat may cause him to become afraid to be around you in the future.

Frequent or misdirected urination may indicate a trip to your vet’s office. Cats sometimes behave like this if they have a type of urinary tract infection or other medical problem. Some inexpensive antibiotics can resolve potential risks for your cat.

Dogs will often wag their tails out of joy. Cats move their tails for very different reasons than dogs though. A cat wags its tail is either feeling threatened or predatory and is considering his next move.If you happen to be cuddling with your cat when the wagging occurs, put him down as soon as possible.

The tips contained here are great for any cat. These are tried and true ideas that have been proven to help raise a cat properly, however there are always individual instances where things change. Always keep in mind that it’s good to enjoy your cat while using the above tips.

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